Victoria Gugenheim is extremely excited to be the creator of the #HandsUpForApostasyDay social media campaign, as part of #ApostasyDay, established by an International Coalition of Ex-Muslims, the first of which is happening on the 22nd August.
You can join in this campaign if you are an apostate or support the right to apostasy by adding a self portrait to the great and powerful interwebs, and use the hashtag #HandsUpForApostasyDay #ApostasyDay #ApostasyNotAcrime with an A or Apostate in English or Apostate in your own language written on your hand or face and post it on 22 August.
Victoria says: “Those fleeing religious persecution for simply leaving their faith and victims of religious violence need you to raise consciousness and show solidarity and respect for them, and those who have suffered deserve to have their plight recognised. I hope you all can join me in this global campaign to raise awareness.”